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Design consultancy26/07/2012

Specialist consultancy architectural design furniture always yield useful information29/10/2008

We specialize in producing all kinds of office bulkhead as the bulkhead aluminum bọc it, all kinds of wooden wall, the bulkhead walls and toilets to prevent motion, as well as furniture, office, furniture and other .

Bulkhead and makes you root that can move and change the layout, or when we must move it and are installed the same.

Bulkhead office space to help office you more professional, wall to help prevent more people sharing a work space to save energy for air conditioner and lights.

Bulkhead offices in the position to work to help employees and customers do not see the meals of four papers document on your eyes.

Bulkhead office has created the independent work of the members of the recently created space for closer cooperation in the group.

Sanitary bulkhead space makes this feature the clean cool, just recently the private roof that also saves area and that removing the root installation.

Main You can become a furniture placement office or your home through the product images.

Finally bulkhead to create open space, a space more broadly to your customers and your sharing and working, all benefit from space that have little presence of the walls Best.

With a team of professional consultants, we strive to provide, answer, information consulting for free is best for you.

But if you want a consultation, the drawings, images refer to the office KTS.

If you have designed furniture and find the appropriate product, this is great, you will be advised to have a product like that with the quality and best price.


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